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First please download the Visa Invitation Letter Request Form and completely fill the form. Then send the form back to

Visa Application

In order to visit China and attend Agro-geoinformatics 2012, Europeans, Americans, and others will be required to have valid visas. Obtaining a visa for entry into China is not difficult, but it is important to allow enough lead time (as much as several weeks) for processing your application. Visa requirements vary with time and place, and you should inform yourself about what is needed for the country in which you live. Information on visas can be obtained from the website of the Chinese embassy, and a country by country listing of Chinese embassy websites is available from the Chinese Foreign Ministry website

The essential steps in applying for a visa are:
1. Get passport photos taken at a photo shop or any other place that takes passport photos as part of their business. Photos that are not taken by a professional may result in your visa application being returned.
2. Fill out the Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China, which can be downloaded here. This form is also available from visa application services that are described below. It is recommended that you get the application from one of these services because they will be able to answer questions that may arise when you fill out the form.
3. You must send your completed application, passport, and passport photos to the Chinese Embassy or one of the Chinese consulates in your country. The rules and protocols for sending applications to the embassy or consulate may vary greatly from country to country, and in the United States, applications cannot be sent by mail or courier service.

In the United States it is highly recommended that you use a visa application service. These companies will assist you in making your application and for a small fee they will submit your application materials and return your visa to you from the embassy or consulate.

The following companies provide China Visa services in the United States:
1. CIBT ( ) Enter IEEE Account Number 40523 at CIBT Sign-In. CIBT offers many travel services to leading corporations world-wide, and you can get your Chinese visa through them. CIBT is used and recommended by the IEEE.
2. A visa service based in Ft Worth Texas and recommended by members of the Organizing Committee is IRATEX Passport & Visa Service (
3. If your local travel agent has experience arranging travel to China, they can also help with getting your visa.