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Agro-Geoinformatics 2012 Summer School (PDF)
on Agro-geoinformatics and Field Experience in China

Time: August 2-16, 2012
Place: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Pre-requisites: August 2-16, 2012
Credits: 3 credits in one of the courses listed in Credit Offering list

Background Statement
Course Description
Goals and Outcomes
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Background Statement
Knowledgeable agricultural decision making and policy formulation are critical to US and global agriculture sustainable development, food security and economic prosperity. Farming decisions are becoming more complex due to the internationalization of agricultural product markets, global climate change, and the need for farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices. Agro-geoinformation, the agricultural-related geo-information, is the key information in the agricultural decision making and policy formulation process. China is the largest producer and consumer of agricultural products in the world, the largest export market of U.S. agricultural products, and one of the leading countries in the agro-geoinformatics research. Therefore, understanding and learning the state of art in agro-geoinformatics research and practices in China, such as the process of agricultural production monitoring, the collection, processing, and interpretation of the agro-geoinformation, and the usage of agro-geoinformation in decision making and policy formulation, are critical to maintain and enhance the competitive edge of U.S. agricultural industry in the future world economy.