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Student awards are waiting for winners of the student paper competition.

The Award Committee of Agro-geoinformatics 2012 invites your participation to the Best Student Paper Competition of the First International Conference on Agro-geoinformatics.

To be eligible for participating, the first author of the paper must meet ALL the conditions as follows:
(1) The author is currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student;
(2) The author completes the main parts of the research and writing for the paper; (MUST be the first author)
(3) The author receives the notice from Agro-geoinformatics 2012 that his/her abstract has been accepted;
(4) The author has not used the paper to apply for other awards.

The Award Committee will invite renowned scholars to review the participating papers. Selected papers will be organized into special sessions of Agro-geoinformatics 2012 for oral presentation. Judges appointed by the Award Committee will determine the final awardees based on qualities of both the paper and the presentation. Participating papers not selected for the competition sessions are still eligible to be included in other sessions of Agro-geoinformatics 2012.

The awards include one First-Place Award ($500), two Second-Place Award ($300), and three Third-Place Awards ($150 each). Besides the monetary awards, awardees will also receive certificate plaques. The awards will be presented in the closing ceremony of Agro-geoinformatics 2012.

The paper must strictly follow the format required by Agro-geoinformatics 2012. You can find the format requirements at HERE.

Please first follow the regular process to submit abstract online at HERE. Once your abstract is accepted by Agro-geoinformatics 2009 (you will receive a notice around Apr. 30, 2012), then submit the FULL paper online. Detailed instruction can be found in "Submission" section. Please also send a copy of the full paper by attaching the computer file to an email to or (NOT to the Conference). The file must be in MS Word format.

The DEADLINE for submitting full paper for this competition is June 1, 2012.